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July 16, 2013

Missed Blessing

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Numbers 20:8-11. “Take the staff and assemble the community, you and Aaron your brother, and then speak to the rock before their eyes. It will pour forth its water, and you will bring water out of the rock for them, and so you will give the community and their beasts water to drink.”…..Then Moses raised his hand, and struck the rock twice with his staff. And water came out abundantly. So the community drank, and their beasts drank too.

Read all of this selection from your Bible. God told Moses to speak to the rock. God wanted the people to see it was by His power that the had water; it was not through the power of Moses. Moses was tired of the complaints of the people and spoke in anger. This anger led him to disobey God and strike the rock with his rod. God loved the complaining people and blessed them with water despite Moses’ disobedience. Moses was the one who paid the consequence of his disobedience. He was not allowed to enter the promised land. He was still God’s servant and went to heaven but he did miss a blessing. The same is true for us. When we disobey God we don’t lose our salvation but we do miss out on blessings. Our question is what can we do to be sure we don’t miss the blessings God has for us? Learn to walk in obedience to God. Pray before we act or speak.

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