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July 21, 2013

Free From Past

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Isaiah 44:22. I remove the guilt of your rebellious deeds as if they were a cloud, the guilt of your sins as if they were a cloud. Come back to me, for I protect you.”

We are so good at quitting when we don’t quickly achieve quick success. This shows in diet plans. It shows in fitness rooms. We don’t achieve the results we want in the time we want and quit. It also shows in the spiritual realm. We pray for something and when we don’t see the answer we want in the time we want we quit praying. Churches jump from program to program for the same reasons. We tend to carry this thinking over to our disobedience and sins. We don’t see success in witnessing so we say we can’t and quit trying. We repeat something we’ve confessed and been forgiven for and think we’ll never get it right. We keep confessing the same thing over and over to God and maybe to others. God says what we confess is over. It is no longer with us. He wants our focus on being with Him not on our past sins. Our question is will we choose to move on with God or feel sorry for ourselves telling everyone how bad we’ve been and feeling hopeless about a victory? Let us believe and trust God and keep moving forward.

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