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September 12, 2013

Learn and Serve

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Matthew 9:9. As Jesus passed on from there, he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth, and he said to him, “Follow me.” And he rose and followed him.

Matthew was considered scum in the Jewish culture. He was a Jew who was not only working for the enemy by collecting taxes for them,he was also a thief demanding more money than was due from his own people. He was looked down on with disgust. Yet Jesus called Matthew to follow Him and become one of His 12 disciples. Matthew followed and eventually wrote a gospel. No one is too sinful, to hated, to damaged to be called by God to follow and serve in the ways shown by God’s Son, Jesus. We are never too young, too old, too crippled, too smart, too ignorant or too anything. God has called each and every person for a purpose. Each and every one has a path to walk that will glorify God. The question is will we choose to walk that path or will we bemoan how useless we are, how much we can’t do. There is always something new for each of us to learn regardless of how old, smart or experienced we are and always something for God to do through us as long as we take a breath on this earth. Let us choose to learn and serve

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