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October 2, 2013

Why Did I Want That.

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1 Samuel 8:7. The Lord said to Samuel, “Do everything the people request of you. a For it is not you that they have rejected, but it is me that they have rejected as their king.

The Israelites compared themselves with other countries. Others had kings, they had judges. They wanted a king. They forgot God was their king and they only needed judges to interpret the laws of God their King. God gave them what they asked and it didn’t take long before they realized their desire was not for the best. Before we judge the Israelites too harshly we must reflect on the things we have cried out to God to do for us or give us. I am so grateful He said no many times as later I saw it was not what I really needed or wanted. Let us rejoice in God’s provision and placement of us and make the best use of all He gives and does for His glory.

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