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October 7, 2013

Resounding Words

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Matthew 17:3. Then Moses and Elijah also appeared before them, talking with him.

Jesus was preparing to face a really hard time. His disciples couldn’t comprehend what He was facing nor the reason. They wanted to prevent any harm that might come His way. Moses and Elijah passed on to heaven painlessly and easily. How Jesus must have desired to return to the Father like they went. We do not know the conversation that passed between the three of them but I’m sure they were words of assurance and encouragement; words the close friends who were with Jesus could not give. We never have to face what Jesus did but there are times in our lives that even our closest friends can’t help us. Some have called it the “black night of the soul.” This is when we get on our knees and talk it out with our God. If we have not learned to hear Him in the little things it will be even harder to hear Him in the big things. Our question is do we listen? Let us practice our listening skills in all we say and do that we can hear God in every situation and every decision. Jesus struggled one more time in His prayer the night they took Him in the garden. I imagine the encouragement Moses and Elijah gave Him resonated in His mind. Let us allow God’s words to us through the scriptures and through the gentle voice of His Holy Spirit resonate through ours.

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