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November 3, 2013


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Colossians 1:12. giving thanks to the Father who has qualified you to share in the saints inheritance in the light.

Qualified means being entitled to a particular benefit. God qualifies us to share with fellow saints (believers in and followers of Jesus) His inheritance in His light. One of the definitions of “light” is spiritual illumination or understanding. Our inheritance will be an understanding of Who God is. We cannot comprehend all God is through our physical understanding. Our finite minds have enough trouble with our 3 dimensional world. The 4th dimension, the spiritual world, is clouded by our obsession with the physical. As we grow in the Lord we gradually see some of our inheritance. Our question is how much are we willing to release in our physical world and increase in our spirits? We see the answer in the priorities we set. Let’s review our priorities with honesty and in communion with God

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