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November 21, 2013


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2 Corinthians 10:18. For it is not the person who commends himself who is approved, but the person the Lord commends.

It is natural for sinners to take credit for what we do. Sometimes we even try to take credit for what others do. We want others to know how smart, talented and good we are. As we grow spiritually we realize no good can come from us. God only can come through us from God. This is why in the about me section of this blog readers are encouraged to take, use or copy anything that can be used for the glory of God. I need nor can I receive credit for Incan only ass on what God gives me. Comments serve to confirm I hear correctly. When we learn to do all for the glory of God rather than our own glory we will start to flow as the one body, the body and bride of Christ. Let’s learn to pass credit and praises to God through Whom all things are created and made.

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