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December 13, 2013


Filed under: Advent,Christmas,devotion,God,Jesus — by ginrich @ 1:00 am

Isaiah 6:9. He said, “Go and tell these people: Listen continually, but dont understand! Look continually, but dont perceive!

Isaiah told us Jesus would speak in parables. This is also called word-painting. You take something familiar to a person and use It to explain something unfamiliar. Jesus used familiar thing in the lives of those around Him and revealed the things of God. Some listened with their ears only and, no matter how long they listened they were never to understand. Others listened not only with their ears but their minds and hearts as well and received understanding. Out question is how do we listen when God’s word is being spoken? Are we really listening and expecting God to say something directly to us? He wants to speak and wants us to really listen. Let us be sure our ears,minds and hearts work together.

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