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December 23, 2013

Nothing Impossible

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Luke 1:37. For nothing will be impossible with God.”

When the angle told Mary about her cousin, Elizabeth, being 6 months pregnant, Mary was amazed. By normal physical abilities that was impossible due to her advanced age. The bagel said nothing “will be” impossible with God. We must notice the tense of the verb, “will be.” There is no ending to that tense. The angel could have said “will ever be” just as well. This is a promise for all eternity. Sometimes we face situations that appear impossible to us. We may become depressed or worried. Some even give up completely. When we feel or think those ways we are not believing God and His promise. We must also look at the word “with.” The angel didn’t say “for God,” but “with God.” God chooses to work “with” us, not “for” us. Our question is are we willing to listen and obey God so we can work together? Since we are “joint heirs” with Jesus, God’s Son’ whose coming we are celebrating, we share with Him not only the blessings of a God, but we also share in His work.

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