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December 21, 2013


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Luke 1:50. from generation to generation he is merciful to those who fear him.

This form of the word “fear” means a mix of dread and respect or reverence. Our emotions about God should be a combination. We can dread the power of God and His judging us because of our sins and disobedience while we revere that same power through which all things were and are created. As we come to know more of God we become aware of His great mercy. It is this mercy that led God to separate from His Son, His Word, Who was with Him from the beginning and sent Him to earth. This is what we celebrate this season. But we must remember while celebrating His birth as a person in flesh and blood that He was always in the shadow of the cross. We celebrate covered in His blood and prepare for His return. Our question is are we doing our part to prepare?

December 20, 2013


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Luke 1:46-48. And Mary said, “My soul exalts the Lord, and my spirit has begun to rejoice in God my Savior, because he has looked upon the humble state of his servant. For from now on all generations will call me blessed,

Mary spoke highly of The Lord and through her exultation of Him her spirit was beginning to rejoice in her Savior. She considered herself to be God’s servant. A servant doesn’t choose what he will do, when he will do it or where he will go. Our question this advent day is do we consider ourselves to be God’s servant or are we treating God as our servant. Let’s pay attention to what we pray and develop a servant’s attitude and heart

December 19, 2013

Good News

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Luke 2:10. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid! Listen carefully, for I proclaim to you good news that brings great joy to all the people:

The angel brought the good news that God incarnate, in the body of Jesus, His Word made flesh, arrived on this earth. We are told to listen carefully and to be full of great joy. Are we listening? Are we full of great joy? Are others seeing our joy? Do they know God has come through Jesus to shoes us how to live and be full of His joy of having come, and His returning for His Bride, the believers in Jesus, His birth, death, resurrection and promise of forgiveness and eternal life with God? Let us be full and share the good news.

December 18, 2013


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Psalms 22:1. My God, my God, why have you abandoned me? I groan in prayer, but help seems far away.

There are times in our walk we think God has forgotten about us. Mary must have struggled against that when she became pregnant. Joseph must have struggled with that as he tried to decide what to do with his pregnant fiancée. Both of them probably struggled with it as the journeyed to Jerusalem so late in the pregnancy finding no place to stay and bringing forth a baby alone and in a place meant only for animals. They probably struggled with the emotion of desertion but they pushed on in faith with their minds, hearts and ears ready for God. When we struggle with that emotion of being forgotten by God we must realize emotions are not based on reality. God said He will never leave us. During Advent let us find someone who feels deserted and alone and share the Presence of God with them.

December 17, 2013


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Psalms 41:9. Even my close friend whom I trusted, he who shared meals with me, has turned against me.

Have you ever felt betrayed by a close friend? Have you forgiven them? Jesus was betrayed by a close friend; betrayed unto death. He knows how it feels yet He forgave. Have you? We have all betrayed Jesus. We do that when we don’t stand up for Him. Someone uses His name in vain and we say nothing. Someone hurts one of His children and we do nothing. Maybe we are even guilty of using His name in vain or hurting one of His children. There are not many days left in the Advent season of preparation. Let’s ask His Holy Spirit to help us stand firm and ready for His coming.

December 16, 2013

Mouths of Children

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Psalms 8:2. From the mouths of children and nursing babies. you have ordained praise on account of your adversaries, so that you might put an end to the vindictive enemy.

Children are usually perceptive in seeing truth in others. They will draw back from one who seems untrustworthy to them but warm up quickly to real love and trust. Children freely say and act out what they feel and think. As we come into adulthood we tend to hide what we feel. Lot us freely express the joy we have in knowing Jesus is our Lord and Savior. Let us be vocal about the reason for a Christmas celebration. Let us be sure all children we know have Bibles and know what Christmas celebrates.

December 15, 2013


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Psalms 110:4. The Lord makes this promise on oath and will not revoke it: “You are an eternal priest after the pattern of an. Melchizedek.”

Melchizedek.was a king and priest during the time of Abram (Genesis 14). He brought out bread and wine to bless Abram (later renamed Abraham by God). Melchizedek was considered to be the High Priest and that title would last for eternity. Jesus is our High Priest for all eternity. Jesus is our King. Jesus took bread and wine and taught us to do the same as a blessing from Him to remember the greatest love gift ever given to mankind. As we take these elements, not only during the communion of our Lord’s supper in church but also as we eat bread at our meals throughout each day let us remember the sacrifice made for the blessing of forgiveness and eternal life with God.

December 14, 2013

Imitating Jesus

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Isaiah 61:1. The spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon me, because the Lord has chosen me. He has commissioned me to encourage the poor, to help the brokenhearted, to decree the release of captives, and the freeing of prisoners,

Isaiah foretold what Jesus would be doing as part of His ministry on this earth. We, as believing Christians are to follow the example of Jesus. Our question is are we encouraging the poor, not just with our words but also with our help? Are we helping the brokenhearted through our presence and our prayers? Are we sharing with the captives of sin and darkness how to come into the light of Jesus? Are we freeing the prisoners of dependence on something other than God and bringing them into God’s family? Let us not be so involved with ourselves that we neglect to reach out to others in the way Jesus showed us.

December 13, 2013


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Isaiah 6:9. He said, “Go and tell these people: Listen continually, but dont understand! Look continually, but dont perceive!

Isaiah told us Jesus would speak in parables. This is also called word-painting. You take something familiar to a person and use It to explain something unfamiliar. Jesus used familiar thing in the lives of those around Him and revealed the things of God. Some listened with their ears only and, no matter how long they listened they were never to understand. Others listened not only with their ears but their minds and hearts as well and received understanding. Out question is how do we listen when God’s word is being spoken? Are we really listening and expecting God to say something directly to us? He wants to speak and wants us to really listen. Let us be sure our ears,minds and hearts work together.

December 12, 2013

The Light

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Isaiah 9:2 The people walking in darkness. see a bright light; a light shines
on those who live in a land of deep darkness.

When Jesus first came to earth a bright star welcomed Him and guided the magi to Him. As He walked this earth He shed His light in the minds, hearts and lives of others. When He rose from the dead He shed light on the scriptures to the two on the Emmaus Road. He is still shedding His light through His Holy Spirit. Our question is what are we doing with the light He sheds in us? Are we hiding it or are we allowing it to shine for others so they can find the Source of God’s light?

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