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January 19, 2014

Light Over Dark

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Job 28:24. For he looks to the ends of the earth and observes everything under the heavens.

We live in stressful and scary times. We hear of drive-by shootings, killings in movie theaters, schools and shopping places and all manner of evil going on in our world. It didn’t concern us so much when it was far away but now most of us find it in our neighborhoods. How can we continue without stress and fear enveloping us? We have the assurance of knowing God sees all that is happening. He has us here to bring His Light into this darkness. He can (and did) overcome Satan and his demons yet God allows the forces of darkness to Rome this earth. God delays His coming again for He doesn’t want any to be lost from Him. Our question is are we going to allow the evil we see scare us from doing the jobs God has for us? We are to allow His Light to shine through us so brightly that it overcomes the darkness and those who are enveloped in the darkness will have their eyes opened to His Light. Let us shine with boldness and trust God with our lives that have no end.

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