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July 11, 2014


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Psalms 119:66 Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I believe in your commandments.

What a wise prayer. I know on my own my judgment is very faulty and my knowledge not only is incomplete but sometimes not correct. There is no better teacher than God, the author of knowledge and the judge of all things. How can we learn these things from God? We learn them through study and meditation of His written Word, The Holy Bible. I like to call it the Life Instruction Manual. Contained in the pages are all the knowledge we need to live according to the commandments of our God and our Maker. But it does take study. Not only to we need to read and meditate on the words it contains, we must also ask God’s Holy Spirit to show us how to apply those words to our lives in our time and space. This takes time and commitment. When I was a student I would wait and study at the last-minute before a test. This was called cramming. We cannot live a productive life if we think we can cram. We must stand ready for all things that God allows to come our way. Let us not wait but let us apply ourselves daily to His word, putting it into our hearts and minds for guidance when needed.


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