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January 2, 2015

Good Over Evil

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Romans 12:21 “Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good;”

The world thinks man’s goodness can overcome man’s evil in this world. Those who know God’s word will recall Jesus said only God is good. There is no good in mankind. The only way good can get into mankind is through God’s Holy Spirit and the only way to receive God’s Holy Spirit is through God’s Son, Jesus Christ, Who shed His own perfect blood on a cross and rose from that terrible death that we could be adopted into the family of God and have eternal life. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, minds and lives God’s Holy Spirit enters us and brings the fruit of God’s goodness into us. Through this God’s goodness can and will overcome evil. The question is will we choose to be part of God’s goodness in overcoming the evil in this world?

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