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September 15, 2015

Eve’s Story

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Eve’s Story
Read Genesis 2

Hi, my name is Eve and I want to share my story with you. Many thousands of years ago God created this earth and all the plants and animals that are on this earth. After a while God, the father said to God the Son, His Word, that it would be a good thing to create man in His image who He could walk and talk with, We call that fellowship. So God created a man He named Adam. After a while God notice Adam was lonesome so He created a female from one of Adam’s ribs. Adam named her Eve. That’s me. I was created from Adam’s ribs to stand equally beside him as we walked this earth together.

Before God created me from Adam’s rib He told Adam he could eat everything that grew in the garden he lived in except the fruit on the tree in the middle of the garden called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. If he did eat from it he would die., After I came along Adam told me God said not to eat or touch that tree or I would surely die. Do you see any difference from what God told Adam and what Adam told me?
A while later a fallen angel named Lucifer (you might call him Satan) came to us and asked me a question, He asked, “Did God say you must not eat from any tree in this garden?” You see, Satan always begins his temptations with a misquoted question. That’s why we refer to him as the deceiver.
Adam was with me but since Lucifer addressed me I said, “No. God said we could eat of all the trees in this garden except the one in the middle named the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil., That tree we are not to eat it’s fruit or touch it or we will die.” Adam said nothing.

Lucifer responded, “You won’t die. Go just doesn’t want you to be just like Him.” Remember we were created in the image of God. I touched the fruit and was still alive so I took a bit and gave it to Adam who also took a bite.
All of a sudden the Spirit of God that was within us left. Our spirit was no dead. We were no longer in the image of God but were alone.

If that wasn’t enough punishment for disobeying God, we were also kicked out of the garden and had to work hard for our food. No longer did we enjoy the fellowship of God. We were without His Spirit so we couldn’t hear or see Him.
You are at a wonderful advantage. Thousands of years later God sent His Word, His Son, Jesus, into this world as a baby to grow and experience all we do and to show us how God wants us to live and how much He loves us. Jesus walked this earth then was put to death on a cross. He was put in a borrowed tomb for 3 days then came back to life, He did this because our sin against God required the blood of one who is without sin, The only one without sin is Jesus. After Jesus returned to the Father they sent the Holy Spirit to come into all Who would come to Jesus, to love, serve and obey Him. With the spirit in the believer he/she can now hear and see God and fellowship with Him again.

Have you asked Jesus to be in you? All you need to do is tell Him you want to love, serve and obey Him and you want Him to live in and through you. Tell Him you are sorry for your sins and ask Him to forgive you. He will. It will make Him so very happy to have you in His image.

A note from Ginrich: Please feel free to copy or print this story. I will be rewording many stories from the Bible from time to time in effort of making them feel more real to today’s reader for these stories are true life experiences of those who have gone before us and are applicable to our current lives.

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