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October 29, 2016


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Psalms 113:3 3 From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets,
the name of the Lord is to be praised.

I enjoy doing my prayer walk at sunrise.  It is such a joy to praise God while looking at His beautiful art work.  Today it was foggy.  No sunrise was visible.  That didn’t mean there was no sunrise. Actually, the sun never rises; the earth turns making it appear the sun is rising.  Even when we can’t see the sun “rise” it still becomes daylight, evidence of the sun “rising.”  God is Spirit.  We cannot see His Spirit.  But, like the evidence of daylight showing that the sun did indeed “rise,” there is evidence all around us that God’s Spirit is here.  We cannot deny God created all.  The variety in our creation, so many different kinds of insects in their intricate and unique forms, so many different kinds of vegetation with different forms of beauty and on and on.  As we look over our lives we can see evidence of God’s protection.  Many times we’re in the fog and the evidence is harder to see but that doesn’t mean God isn’t here.  As I walked in the fog seeing only the step in front of me, so we are to walk through life even when we only see the step right in front of us that God reveals.  I trust there will be mornings without fog and I can once again enjoy the “sunrise,” and I trust when I only see one step in front of me, God will show me each step to take in my (and your) life.

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