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November 13, 2016


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Proverbs 20:24 24 A person’s steps are directed by the Lord.  How then can anyone understand their own way? (NIV)

I have a crushed vertebra.  It is my own fault.  I was determined I could do something by myself which I have always done before.  I was wrong.  My body is older than it was before.  We tend to not acknowledge changes in our body.  The same is true of our ministry.  Just because God has us doing a particular ministry at one time doesn’t mean we are always to be doing that ministry.  As we grow in the Lord our ability to hear and to flow with His Holy Spirit changes with our growth.  We must learn to be open to change.  God has ordered our steps throughout our life.  If we get too comfortable in one place we might miss new blessings God has for us in new places.  Let us always be listening for a change in the direction of our steps.  I know from experience God is using me in ways I would have never thought possible several years ago.  Remember, the Holy Spirit is in each of us with all of the gifts that belong to the Holy Spirit.  We don’t own any one gift.  They are the Holy Spirit’s gifts.  All the gifts are available for our use at the time we need to use them.  One day God may use you to flow in the gift of healing, another day it may be giving or a prophecy.  Let us be open and available at all time for whatever God wants to do through us.


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