Ginrich's Devotional Blog

December 8, 2016


Luke 2:8 8 And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. (NIV)

Shepherds were uneducated people.  They were brave in protecting their sheep from predatory animals.  But imagine their fear when the night sky suddenly burst into light.  They had never seen or heard of such a thing.  Then there was the voice that suddenly told them of an event they never heard of happening.  Then the sudden explosion of music praising God.  They must have been in shock at so much happening.  But these shepherds heard the invitation to go see this new born baby.  It had to take more than curiosity to leave their sheep behind and go into a town bursting with strangers to find one stable amongst so many.  They not only heard the invitation, the went, sought and found this baby.  We have an invitation also.  We are invited to come to this baby Who has now grown into a man, the very Son of Man and Son of God.  This baby grew, walked this earth showing us how to live, died on a cross showing us the unmeasurable love of God and taking on our sins, the rose from death to give us eternal life in the very presence of God.  Have you said yes to the invitation?  After saying yes, you must seek Him to be involved in your everyday life.  I pray you have said yes and have found Him and are walking in His Presence in you life.

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