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January 28, 2017


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Matthew 6:8 8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him. (NIV)

 Wow.  God knows everything we need.  So, why should we ask for our needs?  We ask because we need to give voice to what we consider to be a need.  Many things we think we need are really not needs.  They are desires and wants.  That doesn’t mean they’re bad or frivolous or something we shouldn’t have.  It just means we need to consider what we really need versus what we just would like to have.  When we ask God for our needs we ask, acknowledging that He knows and He is our provider.  We ask in a spirit of thanks that He hears and He provides.  When we ask for our desires we ask in an attitude of submission to God and His knowledge of timing or even providing such desires.  We should never be afraid of asking as long as we ask in an attitude of submission.  Let’s continue with our asking, but never omit our thanksgiving.

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