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February 1, 2017


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Matthew 6:12 And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors (NIV)

 Debts are not financial debts.  Many translations use the word “trespasses.”  In God’s eyes, they are called “sins.”  We are asking God to forgive our sins.  This is a daily task as I doubt any of us ever go a day without some kind of sin whether it be in thought or action or non-action.  The biggest word in this verse is “as.”  Yes, it’s only 2 letters but on this word, hangs our forgiveness from God.  There are 3 things necessary for His forgiveness.  We can only receive it through God’s Son, Jesus.  Without going through Him as God’s only Son and our Lord and Savior there is no forgiveness.  Next, we must acknowledge and confess our sin to God.  This isn’t for God’s benefit.  He knows our sin.  This is for our benefit in knowing what it is we did, thought or didn’t do so we can repent, that is turn away from and not redo it again.  The 3rd is probably the hardest for many of us.  We must forgive the sins, the hurts and things done to or not done to us by others in the same way God forgives us.  This means we don’t hold it over their heads any more.  We don’t bring it up again.  We want God’s best for them.  We must remember, forgiveness is a choice, not an emotion.  We choose to forgive and with time and prayer, emotion might follow later.  Someone asked me if that means we must trust the person.  Trust is something that must be earned.  Forgiveness is given freely.  We are told when we partake communion (eating of the bread and drinking of the cup in remembrance of the death of Jesus for our sins.) we are not to do it if there is un-forgiveness in our hearts.  Let’s get into the practice of what I call spiritual breathing.  Exhale sin and un-forgiveness and inhale forgiveness every day.

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