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March 9, 2017


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Matthew 11:29-30 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. (NIV)

A yoke is a device put on oxen.  It holds 2 oxen together so they can share the load of pulling a wagon.  The load is shared equally so that they working together have no trouble in pulling the load.  Jesus said we can be yoked to Him.  If we are yoked to Him we are pulling our load of life with Him, going the same direction at the same speed.  Yokes don’t allow one member of the team to work separately.  Yoked with Jesus means we are gentle and humble in heart because He is.  It means we are in a state of rest, not stressed or worried about anything because He is right with us keeping us right with Him.  As wonderful as being yoked with Jesus is, it amazes me that, along with many others, I sometimes try to free myself from the yoke.  I decided to run ahead, lag behind and/or do it my way.  When I do this stress comes into my soul instead of rest.  I no longer act gently or humbly.  Many times there are certain triggers that contribute our taking ourselves out of the yoke.  Lent is a good time to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what contributes to our unyoking, accept and confess what He reveals to us and choose to repent, to turn the other way, and stay yoked. 

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