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April 9, 2017


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Matthew 20:32 32 Jesus stopped and called them. “What do you want me to do for you?” he asked. (NIV)

 Many prayers go unanswered because we don’t pray specifics.  We learned that the hard way.  We were in a rental house while we were building a new house.  We gathered around the breakfast table and prayed, “Lord, give us an abundance of water.”  That’s all we asked.  I was going to meet the well digger at our land and we wanted him to find a good well on the first dig. 

 He dug and found a good supply of water.  I didn’t take him very long.  I rejoiced and drove back to the rental house.  As I opened the front door I heard what sounded like our aquarium pump.  Then I remembered that was in storage.  As I stepped in I was ankle deep in water.  The hot water heater located in the kitchen had rusted out and water was all over the house since no one was there to turn it off.  God gave us an abundance of water that day.  Along with showing us His sense of humor He also taught us to be specific in what we asked Him.

 As a hospital chaplain, I ask the patients and/or family members present, if there is something specific they would like to ask God.  Sometimes it isn’t for physical healing.  Sometimes they have a more pressing emotional, spiritual or other need.  God wants to meet our needs.  He also wants us to know what our needs are.  Let’s learn to be very specific when we pray.


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