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May 26, 2017

An Extra

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An Extra Word

 God speaks to us through His written Word.  He also speaks to us through His creation.  I was sitting on the farm porch enjoying God’s creation.  The birds were singing, each with a unique song.  The goat herd came through, grazing contentedly.  Then, one of the goats decided leaves just out of reach seemed better than those easily reached and struggled to reach them.  Other goats noticed what this goat was doing and decided they wanted those leaves.  Before long, most of the goats were vying for the best position to reach those leaves.  After a while, one by one, they each decided they could be contented with what God had provided for them at their reach.  We are so much like those goats.  We see someone with something and decide we must have it.  Days like “Black Friday” shopping day in the U.S. are a prime example of that goat-like behavior.  We forget God supplies all our needs.  There’s no need to fight for what He has provided for someone else or to ignore what He has for each of us as individuals.  We are to be content in His provision in all situations.  Some dogs start barking and one of the goats panics and runs.  Before long the entire herd is following that panicked goat without knowing the situation.  Sound familiar?  Oh, to stay grounded in God’s Word and in faith and trust in Him


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