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June 25, 2017

Uniquely Me

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Job 33:4 4 The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

 Each person had been made by God.  The miracle of conception and birth is not haphazard.  It is only through the creation process of God and the breath of Him that we are born.  Each one of us is a unique person.  There is no other person made exactly like us.  Even in twins or other multiple births there is a difference.  The outside of a person might look like the outside of another but inside we are each unique.  Along with being formed uniquely, we each have a unique purpose on this earth.  No one else can take our place.  It is our responsibility to seek God and hear from Him what He has designed us to do while we walk this earth.  We were all designed to fellowship with God and with each other.  But each is called to do this in their God-given unique way.  We are each loved by God.  We are each important to Him.  We don’t need others to put us on a pedestal.  We are love, cherished and important to God.  Let us put our inferior emotions aside and accept and embrace our relationship with God.  I wrote these words to a song and here is an excerpt.

               I’m the only me God has

               No one else can take my place

               What joy it will be, to meet the real me

               While looking in my Savior’s face.

It is in looking to our God through our Savior, Jesus, that our true identity, worth and purpose is found.

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