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July 2, 2017

All Ministries Equal

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Luke 10:41 41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, (NIV)

 I was raised to be a Martha.  I was taught to take responsibilities seriously.  Never walk away from a task and never stop until it was complete.  But I have a Mary personality.  I’m a contemplative.  I rather be quiet than be at a party.  Martha was upset.  She knew things must be just right for her guest.  There was much to do to prepare a meal for so many (Jesus was there with His 12 disciples).  She was jealous that Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus.  That wasn’t her place.  Women were to be serving the men, not be part of their conversation.  She felt righteous in her labors and in her attitude.  Jesus didn’t say either of the sisters were wrong.  He did say there is a time for everything.  The sisters had a ministry.  The could do their ministry for their guest and, at the same time, listen to all Jesus had to say.  What we need is a heart attitude while we go bout our assigned ministries.  We need a heart attitude of love.  Martha could have been doing her tasks with a joyful attitude she was serving the Son of God.  Instead her eyes and mind were on what someone else was or wasn’t doing.  We don’t know what Mary’s needs were at the time.  Since Jesus didn’t say anything to her, we can assume she needed to do what she was doing.  We are so quick to judge others by our own standards and ideas about what ministry is needed when and how it is to be done.  God’s word says to let all we do be with joy and thanksgiving to God.  No one ministry is more important than another.  Let us learn to be content with what God gives us to do and leave what He calls others to do in His hands. Whether it be our mediation time, or study time or time to take out the garbage, let all we do be done keeping our eyes on God and our ears open to His bidding.


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