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July 7, 2017

Good Judgment

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Psalms 119:66 66 Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust your commands. (NIV)

 We humans are so very arrogant.  We like to be the ones “in the know.”  We like to claim we already know anything someone else tells us.  It is hard for us to be humble before others.  It’s even hard for us to be humble to God.  We think, because we’ve read the words in the Holy Bible, we know and understand what is there.  Knowing and having good judgment are 2 different things.  We can have all the knowledge in the world and still not have good judgment.  Good judgment comes from God through His Holy Spirit.  As we follow God’s commands, we need to pay attention to His Holy Spirit for the good judgement in how to follow them.  He wants us to do more than just obey His commands.  He wants our heart attitude to be in line with His.  We obey, not because we must.  We obey because we love Him and want to please Him.  Let us keep a check on our heart attitude as we walk through our days.


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