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July 17, 2017

Prayer Journal

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Job 19:23 Oh that my words were recorded on a scroll. (NIV)

I am so very glad David and maybe a few others recorder their prayers.  It is so meaningful to read the prayers recorded in the Book of Psalms.  Many times some of those prayers become my prayers.  It is good to keep a prayer journal.  Writing down our prayer ,ts with the date and then putting the answers and the dates is a good faith builder.  But more than that, writing out some of our prayers is also good.  Hopefully we all pray to often to write out all our prayers but it is good for us, and maybe for others some day, to write an occasional prayer in a journal.  It may be read some day by one of our children or grandchildren and help them in their walk.  Here is an example of writing out a prayer but the best examples are already recorded in the Bok of Psalms

Father God, how great and marvelous You are.  I am amazed at Your patience, mercy and love You have for me.  Though I am a sinner, You continually forgive me because of Your Son, Jesus, Whose blood covers all my sins.  Thank You so very much.  I lift up this nation before Your throne of grace and mercy.  I know we are going far astray from Your precepts.  We are killing our babies.  We are confusing our children on their gender.  We are greedy and self-centered.  I say we, because as one of Your children, I have not been outspoken enough.  I have not beseeched You enough.  I have not bound Satan and his demons often enough.  Move in me, Father and in all Your children to stand firm on Your Word.  Don’t let this nation fall because of so many who side with sin.  Remember Your children who dwell in this nation.  Give us wisdom and courage to stand strong on Your Word.  Let Your light shine through us to show the sin of this nation and bring it to Your light to drive out the darkness.  Give us Your words to speak to those who are entrapped in sin.  Help us love them as You do and pull them out of their dark pits.  Have mercy on us, Father.  Strengthen and empower us to triumph over this prevailing evil that this nation may stand and glorify You.



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