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July 21, 2017

Blessed in Doing

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John 13:17 17 Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them. (NIV)

 We are blessed in the way we do the things Jesus said we were to do.  If we open our Bibles to John 13 and read the verses preceding verse 17 we will find Jesus is talking about our attitude of not being better than anyone else and serving others.  The custom in those days was for a servant to wash the feet of the guest.  They wore open sandals and feet were dusty and dirty.  Feet were near the low tables and wouldn’t be pleasant near food with their dirt and dust.  Jesus, the Son of God, bent down and did the job of a lowly servant.  So often we tend to classify jobs.  We see some trash on the floor at church but we’re not the custodian and we didn’t put it there so we have the attitude it’s not our job and we walk on by.  This is precisely what Jesus is talking about.  No job our eyes see is beneath us.  If we see it, we are called to do it.  We must do an attitude check.  Are we willing, yea, even eager, to do all Jesus allows us to see that needs attention or do we want to pretend we didn’t see a need and move on.  The blessing we can receive is up to us.  It is there if we do our part.  Let us enjoy blessing as we reach out doing all God puts in our path with joy and thanksgiving.

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