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August 1, 2017

Changing Me

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Luke 11:41a 41 But now as for what is inside you (NIV)

 I opened a cabinet and took out a seldom used bowel.  The outside was pretty and shiny.  When I looked inside I wanted to turn away.  There were some old food bits and a dead bug.  While the outside was pretty and inviting, the inside was totally opposite.  Jesus is concerned with what is on our insides.  No matter how much we dress up our outside, even when we plaster on a certain expression on our faces, it’s what is inside us that counts.  We may fool ourselves thinking we are tricking people into thinking we are better or nicer than we really are, but, eventually what is on the inside will come through.  When we receive Jesus and His Holy Spirit in us, what is on the inside changes.  However, if we don’t discipline ourselves to renew our minds, we will continue to act like our insides are still the same old us.  I know I would not be a very nice person if It weren’t for the Holy Spirit inside me.  My nature is very self-centered and critical.  The Holy Spirit along with the renewing of my mind has slowly been changing me over the last several decades.  If I were to get back with my college friends they wouldn’t know me.  From glory to glory God’s changing me from earthly things to the heavenly.  If I am the same tomorrow as I am today I’m not listening to the Holy Spirit.  Let us all commit to continuing to move more and more into Christ each day which means less and less into ourselves.


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