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August 5, 2017


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Psalms 133:1 1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! (NIV)

 Last Sunday there was a different group leading the praise and worship.  They were very loud and the music was very different.  To me, it wasn’t worship; it was noise.  But as I prayed about it, God said He was pleased with it because for them it was worship from their hearts.  Sometimes it’s hard to be in unity when we are so very different from each other with our likes and dislikes.  But the unity doesn’t come from our particular likes and dislikes.  Our unity comes from our being one in Christ Jesus and our desire to worship and obey Him.  We can differ on how we do this, but our love for Him is shared as is our love for each other including our differences.  Let us remember that we can disagree on how but we are unified in why and Who.


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