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August 28, 2017


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1 Corinthians 12:6 6 There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work. (NIV)

 Going to a different church or, from some of us, sitting in a different location in our own church, can be quite unsettling and distracting for many people.  We tend to be apprehensive and uncomfortable with new surroundings.  We feel disoriented.  Maybe the service is structured in a different way than we are accustomed.  Maybe the people around us sing differently or express their worship in a different way.   We must admit we are more attuned to what or who is around us and what they are or aren’t doing than we are on the reason we are there.  We come together in a church building with other believers for the purpose of uniting our spirits in one in worship and praise of God.  If some want to stand and raise their hands while others sit quietly it’s fine.  Back when I was a professional singer and in a large congregation, we were really into singing in worship.  I heard the Lord ask, “Do you know who is making the most beautiful worship music?”  In my pride, I was expecting Him to say me.  I was surprised when I heard Him point out the man next to me.  This man was singing notes that didn’t exist and in a rhythm totally unknown but, as I looked at him I notices he didn’t notice anyone around him.  He was totally immersed in worshiping God with his entire heart, mind, body and spirit.  Ouch.  I accepted God’s correction immediately and now, whatever church I may be in or whoever might be sitting (or standing) around me, I am there to worship God, not to pay attention to external differences.  We are all there to bless and be blessed by God.

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