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August 29, 2017

The Season

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Matthew 24:8 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains. (NIV)

 As you can probably guess from this scripture I live in SE Texas with Harvey and all the rain.  The disciples had asked Jesus how to know when He was coming back for His Bride (the church of believers).  He said it would be just like in the days of Noah.  We would all be going about our normal tasks.  He said there would be earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars as we continued about our earthly business.  The earth is in labor pains.  The earth’s normal weather system has been changing.  Nations are continuing to rise up against nation, not wanting peace but wanting to rule others.  We believers must pay attention to the season.  We don’t know how long the season will last but we do know what we are to do.  God wills that none be lost.  We all know people who aren’t believers.  We must be in prayer for them.  We must be sure we reflect God’s light to them.  We must talk to them.  The harvest is ripe.  Are we being harvesters for God?

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