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January 22, 2018

Different Translations

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Psalms 119:11 11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.  (NIV)

We know why we are to hide God’s word in our heart but how do we do this?  There are several different translations of the Holy Bible, God’s written word to us.  The Holy Spirit will speak to us through any of those translations.  We need to be comfortable with the translation.  We all use different words with different meanings.  We need to familiarize ourselves with all the translations and read the one that best suits us.  If we’re not comfortable with the language it is hard to hide it in our hearts.  I, personally, use several different translations according to the need I have and the reason I am reading the written word.  When I just want to read and enjoy God’s love letter to me I pick up the Phillips translation of the New Testament.  For me, it flows the best.  When I study I use the New International Version because it speaks the best to me for in-depth studying.  When I’m looking up a specific scripture, I use the King James Version because that is the version I memorized most of the scriptures as I was growing up and I find  it easier to find the verse I’m seeking.  Many of these versions are available on line or in our local libraries.  Take time to read some of your favorite passages of scripture in as many different version you can find and see what resonates with you for reading and for studying.  Just be sure you can hide His word in your heart and mind so you can pull it out when you need it.

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