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March 17, 2018

After This Manner

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Matthew 6:9 9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. (ESV)

So many think what we call “The Lord’s Prayer,” is a prayer Jesus told us to recite.  Notice He said, “After this manner.”  There is nothing wrong with reciting this prayer but we are also to use it a a pattern for our prayers.  Jesus gave it to us to teach us how to pattern our prayers.  When we look closely we can form an acronym ACTS.  A is for adoration.  We start our prayers with adoration of God the Father.  This is entering into worship which ushers us into His very presence.  Next us confession.  We acknowledge who we are in comparison of Who God is.  We confess our sins to Him for sin blocks out His presence in us.  T is for thanksgiving.  We are thankful to Him and give Him our thanks for all things: for the privilege of being allowed to talk to Him, for being adopted as His child and whatever comes into our minds. S is for supplication.  We are quick to petition God for all the things we need or want.  We quite often start our prayers with supplication.  When we do this we are missing all Jesus taught us.  Yes, there are times for what I call “flash prayers.”  During those times we are speaking in the heat of the moment.  The pattern Jesus gave us is for our daily, one on one time with the Father in worship and deep prayer.  Let us learn to pray unceasingly but always giving time each day for the deep prayer in the pattern Jesus so lovingly gave us. 

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