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July 29, 2018


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Psalms 25:1 1 Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. (NIV)

When we pray, we are lifting up our soul.  We are in an attitude of who we are versus Who God is.  We are giving ourselves to Him in total trust and in assurance of His love for us.  To do this, we must not have unforgiveness in our heart.  Unforgiveness blocks love and feeds anger.  These must be dealt with before we can truly pray to God.  It is the prayer where we lift up our soul, our entire being, that has power to move mountains.  The psalmist was being very real about his need for forgiveness.  He was opening his entire being up to God in trust, humility and love.  As we read the rest of this Psalm we see the trust of God’s forgiveness for the Psalmist is no longer ashamed for his sins are forgiven.  We also see him put his hope in God for teaching and direction.  Prayer is an extraordinary gift from God which we fail to take full advantage of the privilege.  We would see mighty changes in this world if we would get on our knees in real and honest prayer more often.  Just that God allows us to address Him is amazing.  Let us take full advantage of the privilege.


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