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August 2, 2018


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Matthew 6:9 9 “This, then, is how you should pray: “‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, (NIV)

Hallowed is defined as holy, greatly respected, revered (reverenced). When we begin to pray, Jesus taught us to fist hallow God’s name.  So often we just jump right in with our requests or demands.  God understands our deep concerns but we must remember Who He is and address Him accordingly.  We think of Him as our Father, our Dad and rightly so, but we must remember Who He is an accord Him the respect, praise, worship and thanksgiving rightly due to Him.  Let us learn not to be in so much hurry to make our requests known to Him (He already knows them before we are even aware of them.) that we fail to hallow Him and His name before we present our list.  If we were to meet in person the Queen of England, we would approach her with the humility required of her position.  How much more should we approach the King of all creation.  Our Father in heaven, You are awesome.  Your name is a treasure to me.  Thank You for allowing me to address You.  Continue on and on in our praises of God, Who He is an all the wonderful names that describe Him.  His names is to be hallowed.

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