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August 15, 2018

Always Now

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Matthew 14:27  But immediately, Yeshua spoke to them, saying, “Take courage!  I am.  Don’t be afraid.”  (TLV)

Some versions translate the tense of the Hebrew to I am here.  In the original it only says I am.  This is the name God said is His when Moses asked what was His name.  Jesus is identifying Himself as God.  Because Jesus is God in flesh, God’s Son, the Word of God and He always is, there is never anything for us to fear.  We can walk through any trial life on this earth brings our way knowing I AM is always with us.  He promised never to leave us and He is always true to His word.  Our problem is sometimes we leave Him.  We clutter our minds with unnecessary concerns about the “what if’s.”  Peter only lost faith when He chose to look at the circumstances rather than at I AM.  We need only to look and listen and walk in obedience to the instructions He has caused to be written for us in the Holy Bible and to the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit He has so graciously and mercifully allowed to dwell in each and every believer.  Let us always remember I AM is always NOW.

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