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September 24, 2018


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Lev 27:34 These are the commandments that the Lord commanded Moses for the people of Israel on Mount Sinai. (ESV)

As we read the book of Leviticus we can’t help but notice the many rigid and detail requirements God commanded of the Hebrews.  They were to sacrifice often and many different ways for different sins.  God was showing us there was no way for us to be good enough.  We are born sinful, fleshly beings and obtaining righteousness on our own through our own actions is impossible. To take care of that problem He sent His Son, Jesus, to take our place.  Jesus took all the different sacrifices for all the disserent sins upon Himself for a once for all one time for all for eternity.  What is left for us to do is accept the sacrifice of Jesus and allow Him to cover us with His righteousness.  If we think we can be good enough on our own we must read the book of Deuteronomy and all God required.  The Hebrews couldn’t do it and neither can we.  I mean so very thankful Jesus paid my debt and keeps me covered with His righteousness.  He’ll do the same for you if you will just ask Him


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