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November 14, 2018

Experiential Learning

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Luke 6:36 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. (NIV)

I recently broke my kneecap and sprained the ankle on my other leg.  I had to wait 5 days for the surgeon to come back to town so I had my knee in a brace that made my leg stick straight out, no bending.  Trying to walk with crutches with no weight on the knee and a sprained ankle that had to bear my weight was an effort so, I mostly stayed in the recliner chair.  Frustration arose as I looked and saw things I wanted or needed that were out of reach.  Humility reigned when I need to depend on others for food or water.  As I prayed about my situation, asking God why He didn’t heal the break instantly which I knew He could, He talked to me about those who are permanently handicap.  I always respected the handicap and would help with anything evident but I had never put myself in their position.  I hadn’t thought about how frustrating and humiliating it was in their position.  Sometimes we just don’t seem to learn by reading or listening to sermons.  Sometimes we can only really learn by experience.  We truly don’t know what someone else must endure yet we are so quick to judge.  We watch others thinking we know how they should feel or act (meaning the way we would) without ever knowing their history or really knowing how we would feel or act in a similar situation.  Let us learn to be as merciful as our Father is.  We have a long way to go to be that merciful.

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