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November 16, 2018

Unique Love

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Proverbs 19:22 22 What a person desires is unfailing love; (NIV)

We have 3 children.  Each of them is very different from the others.  They are all unique individuals.  We love all of the equally but our love is demonstrated in different ways to each.  The same is true with God’s love, even more so.  We, God’s children, are unique individuals in the way He has created us.  God love each and every one of us equally.  His love for us shows in different ways, according to our own specific needs.  When our children were little they watched what we did with each one and, in their naturaly self-centered being we all have, would become upset or jealous if one got something or got to do something the others didn’t.  We do the same thing with fellow believers.  We compare what God does for us with what God does for His other children.  This is part of our sin nature we must resist.  When Jesus was telling one disciple what was ahead for him, another asked, “What about me?”  Jesus said it wasn’t his concern what the other disciple was called to do.  We have our hands, heads, and hearts full just making sure we relate and obey God in what He has for us.  Next time we are upset because God healed someone and not us, or called someone else to do something we thought we might like to do, let us remember we are each the only “me” God has and no one can every take our place in His heart or His Kingdom.  Closing are the words to the chorus of a song I wrote some time ago.

I’m the only me God has

No one else can take my place

What joy it will be to meet the real me

While looking in my Savior’s face.

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