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December 2, 2018

Guaranteed Suffering

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Hebrews 5:8 8 Son though he was, he learned obedience from what he suffered (NIV)

Since Jesus, God’s Word in flesh, God’s only Son, who was perfect had to learn obedience through suffering, why do so many Christians think, since they are children of God, they should never have to suffer.  So many preach a life style of always being blessed.  I can’t find anywhere in God’s written word, the Holy Bible, that we would live a life of ease.  I do find many references that we would have many trials and tribulations as we walk with God.  We have a hard time learning through the mistakes or sufferings of others.  We learn best through our own experiences and sufferings.  James, the brother of Jesus, knew this very well.  He starts out his epistle telling us to be thankful when trials and tribulations come our way.  This is the only way to build our faith and trust in God and His power and love.  When we find ourselves in a “suffering” situation it is definitely time to look to God and ask Him what it is we are to learn as we walk through the situation with Him by our side.  When we ask and listen, God is always faithful to provide the answers.

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