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December 9, 2018


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James 4:3 3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures. (NIV)

When we make our deeds and desires know to God in prayer yet don’t find them coming to us we must check our motives for asking.  So often our motives are for our own comfort or gain or for looking good to others.  Our motive should be to be pleasing to God.  We should desire to serve Him with thankful hearts.  In doing this we develop the desire to serve others and help them build a personal relationship with God.  Christianity isn’t a religion.  It is a relationship.  It isn’t man reaching up to God but God reaching down to man.  He reached down to the fullest by coming to earth in a human, physical form so we could relate better.  We can’t relate to what we don’t know and so God came down to our level of understanding.  Let us keep our priorities straight.  Let us really desire to be pleasing to God.  Let all we ask of Him be to deepen our relationship with Him and serve Him.  He has promised we will receive all we need to become one in Him.  Jesus prayed we would be one in Him just as He is one in the Father.  Jesus always prayed with the right motive and His prayers are always answered and fulfilled.  He still speaks to the Father on behalf of us.

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