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January 7, 2019

Our Time

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Psalms 74:16 16 The day is yours, and yours also the night; you established the sun and moon. (NIV)

So often we think of our time on this earth as OUR time.  We tend to be very selfish with our time.  We make priorities on the use of our time.  In reality we don’t own any time on this earth.  What we consider as our time is in actuality God’s time.  It is the time God has for us on this earth.  God has certain things He wants us to do with the time He has for us.  Our problem is we don’t start the day with an open mind as to what He has for us but with a plan we have made for the use of our time that day.  We like to make plans.  We like to know ahead what we will be doing the day ahead (and often the week, months and even years).  Let us remember each and every morning Who it is Who owns all time.  Let us start our mornings with an open heart and mind and ask God what He has for us to do this day.  Let us acknowledge to Him as the psalmist did that the day ahead is His and we are available and desirable to do His will for the day.

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