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February 3, 2019

Various Translations

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Mark 6:60 for they al saw Him and were terrified.  But immediately, He spoke to them.  He said, “Take courage!  I am.  Do not be afraid.”(Tree of Life Version)

I like getting new getting new versions of the Bible and reading through its entirety.  This time I noticed something in this verse I never noticed before.  Jesus identified Himself “I am.”  This is the same as God told Moses when Moses asked God what was His name.  Jesus was once again identifying Himself to His yet not understanding disciples.  We are still not understanding.  He works in and through us each and every day but we fail so often to recognize His hand in and through our lives.  So often we take credit for what we think it is us doing ourselves.  In actuality it is “I Am” working in and through us.  He tells us daily to take courage for He is here, now and always.

As happens with me when I write these devotions, this didn’t go the way I expected.  I thought it would be an encouragement to read various translations which it is good to do.  Whatever translation will encourage us to read often is the one we should mostly use for it is not the translation that speaks to us but the Holy Spirit that gives us understanding through any translation.  Though we often have preconceived ideas, let us always be willing to flow in any direction the Holy Spirit takes us.

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