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March 3, 2019

Open Minds

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Luke 24:45 45 Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. (NIV)

We can read the Scriptures, we can study the Scriptures and we can memorize the Scriptures but we cannot understand the Scriptures with our finite minds.  The only way to understand the Scriptures is by the revealing of their meaning by the Holy Spirit.  The disciples were with Jesus and under His teaching of the Scriptures for 3 years, yet without understanding.  Understanding didn’t come until Jesus opened their minds to understand.  The same is true today.  Without the Holy Spirit in us, without our listening to the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures are only history and stories.  With the Holy Spirit the Scriptures come alive.  The Scriptures help us to become one in Christ Jesus.  We should never read the Scriptures without first praying and asking the Holy Spirit to open our minds to understanding what we are reading for this day and this time in our walk.  There are many levels of understanding each depending on what God wants us to know and do at a particular time.  Just because we’ve read and maybe studied every word in the Scriptures doesn’t mean we can rely on our understanding from that one time through.  We must be in God’s instruction book, the Holy Bible, reading, praying and listening for understanding each and every day.  Let us take advantage of what God has made available to us.  Let us pray, read, study and listen daily to both His written word and to the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit.

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