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March 16, 2019

Being Right

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Job 40:8 8 “Would you discredit my justice?  Would you condemn me to justify yourself? (NIV)

We all like to think we are right.  We are so sure we are right we argue with others.  Our nations are full of discord because everyone has their own opinion and thinks their own opinion is the right one.  This is one reason we fail to hear God speak to us.  We keep our minds closed because we only want to go with what we think.  Job went through this.  Job’s friends each thought they were right though each one had a different thought of what was right.  All 3 friends and Job had thoughts different from God.  They didn’t agree with what God was doing.  They were right, God was wrong.  We are so wrong to blame God for our unanswered prayers or our trials and tribulations.  We go through them not because God is punishing us.  God doesn’t punish.  His Son, Jesus Christ, took our punishment.  God disciplines us through our trials and tribulations.  Instead of continuing to think we are right, let us remember we are fallible.  Others may be more right than we are.  God is definitely rigBeht in all things.  There is no way we can justify ourselves for we are fallible.  Let us be open not only to the opinions of other believers, let us always be open to the disciplining hand of God.

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