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March 18, 2019


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Jonah 4:1 1 But to Jonah this seemed very wrong, and he became angry. (NIV)

I hope you will take a few minutes to refresh yourself by reading the entire short account of Jonah.  Jonah was angry with God.  Jonah, in resentful obedience to God told Nineveh they would be destroyed because of their sin, Jonah wanted to see that was done.  So often we want to see others pay for the wrong they’ve done.  Revenge feels good to our sinful existence.  We like to forget we are also sinners.  We have done thing that have hurt other people.  God has forgiven us.  We know God also forgives others but, in our sinful nature, we resent that.  It makes us feel better, in our sinful nature, to see others get what we think they should deserve.  In our spirits we know we aren’t any better than the others but we like to think we are.  Seeing other get punished makes us feel better about ourselves.  I use to be gleeful when passing someone who’s been pulled over by police.  How smug of me.  I am occasionally guilty of speeding.  Instead of feeling smug, I should be glad they were stopped before getting into an accident and say “except for the grace of God that could be me.”  Let us learn to really love our fellow sojourners on this earth and pray they will come to know the merciful forgiveness of God.

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