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January 4, 2020

Active in Our Prayers

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Psalm 2  Why the big noise nations?  Why the mean plots, people?  Earth-leaders push for position.  Demagogues and delegate meet for summit talks.  The God-deniers, the Messiah defilers.  “Lets get free of God!  Cast loose from Messiah!”…..So, rebel-kings, use your heads; upstart judges, learn your lesson.  Worship God in adoring embrace.  Celebrate in trembling awe.  Kiss Messiah!  Your very lives are in danger, you know.  His anger is about to explode, but if you make a run for God—you won’t regret it.  (Message Version)

Read all of Psalm 2  Think about all the nations.  This is happening and retribution will come.  Our responsibility is to pray for our nations.  Not just lift them up in passing but to really intercede on their behalf.  As we pray for our nations we must pray for the individuals who are making the decisions.  Start with the national leaders but continue on down through state, county and city leaders.  Pray for the judges.  Be specific in our prayers and use names.  As citizens it is our responsibility to know who is making decisions and what decisions they are making.  We must not be complacent.  Complacency got us to where we are.  We must be active in our voice, our actions and most importantly in our prayers.

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