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January 25, 2020

Most Important Part of Prayer

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Matthew 6:5  And when you come before God, don’tturn that into a theatrical production either.  All these people making a regular show out of their prayers, oping for stardom! Do you think God will take a box seat?  (Message)

There is a lot on YouTube about prayer.  Many are giving formulas.  Prayer is the word for a conversation with God.  We don’t need a formula to talk with our earthly parents.  We definitely don’t need a formula to talk with our heavenly Father Who loves us even more than our earthly parents.  Many people change the sound of their voice, say one of God’s names every few words, repeat a few words over and over and so on.  We need to remember we are having a conversation with the One Who knows us best and loves us most.  We need to be natural when we talk with God.  When Jesus taught the disciples how to pray He wasn’t giving them a formula.  He was showing them their connection with God and what they (and us) can ask.  He was pointing out that God is our Father and we are to call Him such.  He showed how we can thank and praise Him and how we can ask for our basic needs and forgiveness as long as we have forgiven others.  Let us remember prayer out loud in the presence of others isn’t for show or for trying to make others think we are so spiritually mature and good.  Prayer is a conversation with God.  A conversation that requires 2-way communication so let’s not forget the most important part of prayer –listening.

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