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February 27, 2020

Do What We Can Do

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Mark 14:8 8 She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial.  (NIV)

Jesus said she did what she could.  That’s all God expects or desires from us.  He wants us to do what we can.  He patiently waist for us to start doing what we can then He works through what we can do and does what He does.  It starts with us taking the first step.  Can just visualize God watching us, wondering when we will take that step to do what we can in a situation so He, by His own choice of waiting and wanting to work through us, waits to work His wonders through what we can do.  Mary didn’t even think what she did would be told to millions of people down through the ages.  She just did for Jesus what she could do.  Criticisms of others didn’t stop her.  She did what she could.  Jesus praised her for it.  Maybe all you can do is smile.  That’s fine.  It was an elderly lady’s smile at me that led me to a personal relationship with Jesus.  Look at Luke 21:3.  She was just a poor widow.  Nobody paid attention or noticed she gave all she had.  It was only 2 mites – probably less than the loose change we probably have in our pockets.  Yet, Jesus noticed and said she would be remembered forever.  What these 2 women did has been recorded in hundreds of languages all around the world.  They only did what they could.  Let’s be sure to do whatever it is we can do and allow God to work through it.  The results will ripple out to people and places we may never know for ourselves but only if we take the step to do what we can do.

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