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October 17, 2017


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Romans 11:2a  God did not reject his people, whom he foreknew (NIV)

 God never rejects.  He loves.  We reject.  We reject in our own insecurity.  We reject ourselves and others.  We vary back in forth in seeking God and rejecting God.  We have trouble forgiving ourselves as well as forgiving others.  We don’t see how God could possibly forgive us or love us.  He is patient.  He gives us grace to believe and be faithful when we open our hearts, minds and eyes.  We tend to blink, vacillating back and forth.  Praise God, He keeps working on, around, in and through us with His Holy Spirit.  As we see and know God deeper and deeper our vacillating will decrease.  We will gradually stop rejecting ourselves, others and God.  The three go hand in hand.  Let us remember how much God did for us on the cross and open up to all God has for us.


October 16, 2017


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John 1:1 ​1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (NIV)

 Father, God, I don’t know how You did it.  You took part of Yourself, Your Word, and put it in an egg in the body of a human woman, Mary, bringing You in the form of flesh and blood so we could physically hear Your Word, see Your Word in action and come to really know Your Word.  Then You had Your Word walk to the cross to shed real blood as a complete sacrifice for our sin for all eternity.  Then You raised Your Word up from real, physical death to give us eternal life in Your very Presence.  Thank You that I don’t need to know how You did it.  I know why.  You love us and want us to receive and know Your love first hand.  Because of that love You want us to be able to fellowship (walk with, talk with and listen to) with You.  Thank You for reaching down to us in our low and sinful shape and redeeming us.  Thank You for, after all You’ve already done, letting part of You in the form of Your Holy Spirit, continually indwell in us, comforting, guiding and speaking to us as we walk on this earth.  Thank You that I don’t need to know how You did it, just know You did it.  Help me to share what You have done with all those you put in my path.

October 15, 2017

Releasing Power

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Acts 1:8 8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (NIV)

 Ephesians 3:20 20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, (NIV)

 God has given us His power to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all.  We only need to believe what God said He has done.  Jesus said He would send the power of God to the believers through His Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit indwells in us, the believers.  Our question is how much of His power are we allowing to reside in us?  God is finished with His work.  He has entrusted us to distribute His power on this earth.  We release this power through our prayers.  How much power we release is in proportion to our prayers.  This should really motivate us to pray more.  Prayer is having a conversation with God, stating what needs to be done and agreeing with Him in it being done.  Our conversations or prayers with God must be out of real honesty and true trust in God.  Let’s be sure to check our prayer life.  We don’t stop until we see it in our time and space for there is a war in heaven trying to interfere.  Our prayer is answered the moment we give it voice but sometimes is delayed because of spiritual warfare and our continual prayers join the battle to bring it into our time and place.  Let’s be sure to let all of God’s power flow out. 

October 14, 2017


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John 2:4 4 “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.” (NIV)

 When Jesus was born He was born as we are.  He had to learn to talk, eat, walk, play and work just as we do.  He was born without the Holy Spirit in Him.  The Holy Spirit didn’t enter in Him until He was baptized by John the Baptist.  He did live without sin but He didn’t have the power to do miracles until after the Holy Spirit entered Him.  As a child He thought He was to be about His Father’s business and stayed behind at the temple.  His parents scolded Him and He submitted to their authority.  Now, at the wedding, Jesus is still thinking His time of miracles hadn’t come yet.  His mother knew otherwise.  She didn’t tell Him, she asked Him.  Even though He said He wasn’t to be involved in that, His mother knew otherwise and gave the servants orders to do whatever He said.  She walked away in confidence Jesus would do what was needed.  When we are filled (not a onetime event but a continuous event) with the Holy Spirit we also have the right to ask God in confidence He hears and will do what the hour and the circumstances need.  The problem is we don’t continually open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit’s direction within us.  We mistake the need or the timing and ask amiss.  When we pray, we must learn to ask the Holy Spirit to direct our prayers to be in line with God’s will and timing.  Then we can walk away in confidence He will do all that is necessary for the time and circumstance.  Let us be continually filled and refilled with the Holy Spirit.

October 13, 2017


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Numbers 11:29 29 But Moses replied, “Are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit on them!” (NIV)

 Jealousy is a very common problem.  We are jealous because of a lack of confidence.  Other people’s success tends to make us feel less confident of our own success.  This was a problem even in Moses’ time.  Because each of us is unique and each of our ministries are unique to us, there is no reason for jealously.  I’m not concerned with how many readers I get compared to other blogs or how many likes I get.  My confidence isn’t in my own writings.  My confidence is in God.  I trust what I’ve written is what He has put on my heart.  I’ve prayed over my writings that He will have them say what He wants them to say to the ones He wants to read them.  My only responsibility is to do what God directs me to do.  The results are in His hands.  We need to be less consumed with what others think about us and more concerned with how God sees us.  As written earlier, our goal is to be intimate with God and to be pleasing to Him.  Every morning I ask Him to enable me to put a smile on His face.  Let’s not be so afraid of making a mistake (God is bigger than any mistake we can ever make) or the success of other people that we allow intimidation or jealousy to hamper our openness with God and our response of obedience to what He directs us to do in the way He directs us to do it that we criticize others or shut our selves down.  Let us encourage each other to be the unique person God created and minister in the unique way He has given each of us.

October 11, 2017

Look Up

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Luke 21:13 13 And so you will bear testimony to me. (NIV)

 I just returned from a family reunion.  It’s the first in quite some time so many of the cousins had never met each other.  In addition to all the fun, games, eating and singing, we each shared what God was doing within us at this time.  One of my nephews shared an event which encouraged him to start really looking to God.  His brother, and Air Force Academy graduate had been playing ball in the back yard of where we were gathered many years ago for a reunion.  His Academy ring flew off his finger.  The had spent a good deal of time looking for it and then hired someone with a metal detector to come and look.  I had just arrived to pick up someone to go shopping.  I asked what was happening and they told me.  I said, “Just look up.”    I left and they looked up and found the ring stuck on the branch of a bush.  The point of this is we each hear a different interpretation of what the Lord says.  I meant to pray and ask God where the ring was.  They took me literally and looked up into the trees.  Both interpretations were correct.  God gave me the message for them to literally look up and find the ring.  Finding the ring through the word I set changed the young man’s thinking of his connection with God.  The same is true when we read God’s word.  His word is living, meaning it applies in many different ways according to where we are and what we need in our walk with God.  The main thing is to be open to the Holy Spirit when we read, study and meditate on the written word for the interpretation God has for us at the specific time.  We must also encourage others to hear for themselves.  As I’ve written, each of us is uniquely made for a unique ministry.  We must never force our interpretation or method of ministry on another.

October 10, 2017


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John 1:18 18 No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made him known. (NIV)

 The Phillips translation translates “closest relationship” with “intimate.”  God sent His Word, Jesus, His Son to this earth not only to take our place for sin (separation from God), but also to give us intimate knowledge of the Father.  Intimacy isn’t possible without heart-felt conversation.  To be intimae we must know someone’s heart.  We must know who they are, what they like, what they want.  Basically, everything about them.  We say God is too big for us to know intimately.  We are wrong.  God wants us to be on an intimate relationship with Him.  HE wants us to be open to Him with what is in our hearts and minds and to open to what HE has in His heart and mind.  He has blessed us with His autobiography so we can read, study and meditate on Him.  He has placed within us part of His Being in the form of His Holy Spirit.  He has given us all we know to know and relate with Him intimately.  The choice is ours.  Do we really want that intimate relationship with Him?  If so, what’s stopping us?  Too busy to really devour the autobiography He’s give us?  Too busy to spend a lot of time talking to and listening to Him.  Too busy to sit quietly and just enjoy being in His presence.  We must look at ourselves, our hearts, our priorities and decide: intimate with God or just a passing head knowledge of His existence.

October 9, 2017

Many Names

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YAHWEH-TSIDKENU [yah-way-tzid-kay-noo]: “The Lord Our Righteousness” (Jeremiah 33:16) –YAHWEH-ROHI [yah-way-roh-hee]: “The Lord Our Shepherd” (Psalm 23:1)

YAHWEH-SHAMMAH [yah-way-sham-mahw]: “The Lord Is There” (Ezekiel 48:35)
YAHWEH-SABAOTH [yah-way-sah-bah-ohth]: “The Lord of Hosts” (Isaiah 1:24;

EL ELYON [el-el-yohn]: “Most High” (Deuteronomy 26:19)
EL ROI [el-roh-ee]: “God of Seeing” (Genesis 16:13)

EL-OLAM [el-oh-lahm]: “Everlasting God” (Psalm 90:1-3)
EL-GIBHOR [el-ghee-bohr]: “Mighty God” (Isaiah 9:6)

 God has been given many names.  Names were originally given to denote characteristics or purpose.  God is so very big that we have given Him many different names in an effort to describe Who He is.  No one name can define God.  God is too big for any one name to describe Him.  We may call Him God, Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Lord, Almighty and on and on but the only thing God cares about is that we call on Him in love, and reverence.  I address Him differently depending on my need, the reason for my addressing Him and sometimes even my emotional mood.  I respect each and every name applied to God for I love Him and know Him to be the source of everything.  Everything was created by His hand.  That’s why Jesus said we can’t swear by His name or by anything on earth.  Nothing on earth was created by us.  A good meditative study is to look up all the names for God and see how those descriptions have applied in our own life.  In the process we will probably discover many other descriptive names for what He has done in our own lives. 

October 8, 2017


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Acts 16:6 6 Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia.  (NIV)

 Paul was told by God to preach His Word throughout all the gentile nations.  We’ve learned to listen to what God says when He tells us to speak.  But now, God tells Paul to be silent.  We have a harder time being silent than speaking.  We are quick (often too quick) to want to say something.  Sometimes being silent is the best witness we can be.  We don’t know why Pau wasn’t allowed by God to speak in Asia.  I might not have been God’s timing.  It might have been for protection.  We don’t need to know.  Paul was obedient.  Our question is, are we willing to hear God tell us not only when and what to speak but also willing to hear Him tell us to keep silent?  There is someone I have prayed for many years.  I’ve also witnessed to that person.  Now, God is telling me to keep silent.  Sometimes that’s hard to do but I choose to trust God’s wisdom.  My speaking is confined to my conversation with God, knowing He will answer my prayer for that person in His way and His timing.  Let us learn obedience in silence as well as in speaking.

October 7, 2017


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Acts 11:17 17 So if God gave them the same gift he gave us who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I to think that I could stand in God’s way?” (NIV)  

 Believers’ can be from different cultures, ethnicity, and anything else.  They do not all need to sound, look or think alike. The only bond they need is a love for Crist, obedience to Him and a love for each other. We don’t have the right to criticize how a different church, denomination or person expressed their love for God.  God gives each and every person who come to Him through His Son, Jesus, the Holy Spirit to indwell in them and the seeds of the fruits of His Spirit.  What they do with them is between them and God.  Each of us was formed uniquely.  Each of us has a different ministry while on this earth.  Each of us has different expressions.  We all have the same gift from God but He designed each of us uniquely to be loved by Him and to love Him in our own unique way.  Let us pay more attention to what we do with the gift He has given us and how we receive and express His love.

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